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Instagram 10-Day Yoga Challenge

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This is going to be FUN!! Grab your comfy wear and get on your mat.

For 10 days straight, we (myself and Geneviève) will be challenging you to incorporate a daily pose into your practice.

Every day, starting Monday July 23rd, we will share on our respective Instagram profiles that day's pose, plus a few variations, and the key benefits it brings.

This is NOT a challenge that includes "advanced" poses, on the contrary, it's intended to be inclusive to all yogis!

The variations will offer you an opportunity to possibly move into the more "advanced" version of the pose IF you feel your body welcomes it.

How to participate in the Instagram Yoga Challenge:

• Follow myself (@daisyjeys) and Geneviève on Instagram

• Repost the challenge image we will be sharing in the upcoming days

• Every day, post a photo (or Story) of you in that day's yoga pose sharing the benefit you're welcoming

• Tag both of us and include hashtag # (so we can see you're vowing to commit ;)

Prizes will be drawn! Stay tuned.


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