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21 Day Yoga Series

These next 21 days will bring you a series of yoga classes to help you slow down. Classes you can practice from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, get the BONUS calendar, Yoga Nidra audio & worksheet to identify your personal vow so you can infuse it into the next 21-days.

I'm Ready to Start Yoga Again!
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Self-Reflection Journal Pages

Gain some clarity on what's going on inside and understand a little more about what's impacting you from the past, present, and where you're aiming for in the future.

Get honest with yourself. The design of each page is lighthearted in an effort to guide you in allowing yourself to approach each prompt the same way.

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Audio Yoga Classes + Downloadable Guides

Develop the much needed auditory sense and tap into the many benefits of effective listening! Included is a follow-along PDF guide that you can either carry with you or screenshot it on your phone for reference - if you ever catch your mind wandering.

Every day, for the next 3 days, receive an edited audio yoga class and a full-colour corresponding guide for you to reference.

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Self-Love Meditation

Listen to this 20 minute meditation in the comfort of your most coziest space.

Invite some kind words toward yourself and begin to make a connection with your breath.

Download here

YouTube Channel

Every now and then I upload yoga classes and other wellness-inspired videos to my YouTube Channel.

Watch how I prepare a smoothie recipe or take a yoga class with me. Please be sure to leave a comment and subscribe if you find it useful.

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Radical Self Podcast

Podcast episodes featuring interviews with wellness professionals and inspiring stories, solo episodes with me, and audio yoga classes for you to practice anywhere.

If you’re wanting to move your body, get inspired, gain actionable momentum, and listen to real-life conversation in an effort to bring out your Radical Self, please tune in!

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Guided Meditation for Joy

This 10-minute guided meditation (to the sound of ocean waves) will help you pause and cultivate JOY in your current circumstance and in moments when you most need your body and mind to come back to this wisdom.

Cultivate the wisdom of joy, and feel calm, grounded, and at peace. Ready to continue with your projects and day-to-day hustle.

Cultivate Joy
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Meditation for Loss

This guided meditation is meant to help alleviate that heaviness that comes from loss. No matter the kind you've gone through and/or are going through right now. Whether it's a loss of a love one or one of a long-term dream - they're both heart wrenching.

Support yourself with lightness and ease into acknowledgement with this 18 minute meditation.

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