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Private + Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions

Every day there are between 24 to 45 minutes spent commuting to and from work. If you’re one of the daily commuters, you’re well aware of the variety of stimulation you face every morning before even getting down to business.

I'm committed to making yoga and its mindfulness practices more accessible to those inspired to increase productivity while reducing stress and anxiety levels by moving, connecting, and starting a regular practice.

The body needs mobility to feel good and, the mind needs silence to connect back to what's important. The moment both start to sync, you start to gain more vitality - no matter how stressed or hectic your days naturally are.

Benefits of an in-person Yoga & Mindfulness Session:

• Mental and physical health

• Personalized schedule

• Focus on the goals of you (or the group) have set

• Increased productivity (less sick days!)

Using the tools of a variety of yoga styles, meditation, pranayama (breath work) and other modalities, I design a program that's unique to you, your group and the needs of your organization. Through repetition and consistency, we work together on a weekly basis - ideally for a block of 3 months. We then reevaluate the timeframe.  

Top 5 reasons clients and businesses decide to book private sessions: 

1- Enhance mental and work performance 

2- Complaints about back pain and desk related aches

3- Increased absence and sick days

4- Want to include yoga in their corporate wellness packages

5- Stress and anxiety relief

Corporate Yoga Classes with Daisy

Private & Corporate Yoga + Mindfulness Sessions in the Lower Mainland

• No Minimum Attendees: whether there's only 1 of you, 2 or a group of 20, the pricing remains the same.

• Length of Classes: I suggest classes to be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. It really depends on you (and your group).

• Time of Day: This is all customized to your needs. Usually classes are offered during your set lunch break but I invite you to consider a before work and after work option as well. If this is a private session, an evening while the kids are at hockey works well too!

• Commitment: A single class is great if you'd like to offer a "breathing break" to yourself or your group as a one-time gift. Longer time commitment would allow for more of a positive impact in the work performance.


I'm able to provide Private + Corporate Yoga Classes in British Columbia (South Surrey | Langley | Coquitlam | New Westminster).

Get In Touch with Me

If you're drawn to the more personalized attention of private & corporate yoga and if it's strong enough to get you a little curious, I invite you to send me an email - let's connect! I'll answer your questions.