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Personally, I crave releasing the built-up tension that comes from the day passed, ahead, well, pretty much anything. Moving my body is, in a way, an effort for me to connect to my inner compass and creativity (and the "hidden" messages of my mind!), which is why keeping a regular yoga practice is a must and a go-to, especially when I'm too "busy", stressed, or overactive.

So, when I'm traveling for work, pleasure, or just simply want some "me time" away, the last thing I felt I needed was the frustration of wi-fi connections, the buffering of streaming video while holding a plank, or the worry of going over my data plan!

Which is when I began listening to pre-recorded classes I had already taught in studio. They allowed me to move without thought wherever I found myself or wanted to take my mat to; to be guided as if I was at an in-studio class being led by a teacher.

This experience led me to believe there might be others out there wanting to do the same thing, maybe going through the same frustrations; others who may want to practice (or start a practice!) anywhere they find themselves - in the woods, a backyard, the beach, anywhere.

Which is why I recorded these audio yoga classes. For YOU to enjoy wherever you want.

Audio Yoga Classes + Downloadable Guides

Develop the much needed auditory sense and tap into the many benefits of effective listening! Included is a follow-along PDF guide that you can either carry with you or screenshot it on your phone for reference - if you ever catch your mind wandering.

Every day, for the next 3 days, you'll receive an edited audio yoga class, between 20 - 30 minutes in length, and a full-colour corresponding pdf guide for you to reference - just in case your mind wanders during class and need
a little refresher on the pose we're in.

All classes will be led by me, Daisy, and can be listened to on right from your phone. Classes will range from
gentle practices to strong, vinyasa sessions, breath-work, and a variety of Yin and Yang styles.

Your Teacher
Daisy is a 500+ hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and has received training in a variety of yoga practices and styles.

With training in the psychology and therapeutic benefits of yoga, Hatha, Restorative, and Yin yoga, Daisy is passionate about her practice and sharing her knowledge with others as she goes even deeper by receiving other certifications that deepen her understanding of these practices and teachings.

Her philosophy: move the body to tap into the mind to then work through the deepest struggles we may come across during our day-to-day. That the life we're living is a work in progress and it's a progress we can either engage with or hide away from.

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How long should I have practiced yoga to participate in audio yoga? I'd prefer you have a good foundation of yoga postures to engage in audio yoga.
Do I need a printer to use the pdf guides? Absolutely not, save a tree! You can screenshot the guides right on your phone and use them as a reference that way.
What kind of yoga will I be practicing? You'll be mixing it up! From Hatha Slow to a Strong Vinyasa Flow, with Restorative and Yin mixed in there as well.
Does it cost anything to listen to the audio classes? No cost at all. You can listen directly from your phone.

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