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About Daisy

Daisy Jeys ManifestoThere was a point in life when you were happy and accepting of your whole existence. You were curious and playful. Excited by the sound of an ice-cream truck (or the bell of a minuta cart walking past your house if you grew up in a Latin Community) without worry or judgment.

But something happened as you got older and I’m going to challenge that train of thought you've developed; the way you're going about your life now.

See, there was a loss in your life - either a loved one or within yourself, which shattered the person you were becoming. You started to notice an emptiness around you which, avoiding the sensations this was bringing up, developed into a pressure to be and act a certain way. Lack of confidence grew into accepting limitations for yourself and your body. Your actions became foreign from who you truly are. Bringing with it, a whole lot of self-doubt, social awkwardness, depression and anxiety. This has taken a toll on your personal beliefs and what you’re fully capable of - yet you still have that dream and hope to someday fulfill it.

My philosophy is simple: Connect to your mind by moving into your body!

The moment you start to feel good about yourself, in your body; in being connected with your emotions and experiences, you miraculously begin to do amazing things for yourself, your priorities, and the environment that matters most to you. THIS is the purpose of why I'm here!

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