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When I was down in my version of "the dumps"

Mr LolaI felt completely alone even though I was surrounded by a loving support system. Years went by and loss simply began to accumulate, it got to a point where it became unbearable - not even my partner or my family were able to get me interested in anything.

It was when a pet rabbit, which later became a pet dog, managed to pull me out as I grew in my strength and started to regain a little brightness.

This has quickly morphed into my service model - empowering events, loving (sometimes challenging) yoga sessions, mindful retreats, and emotional wellness workshops, I'm here to inspire and guide you through inner turmoil. with yoga and all it's goodies; to focus on the actions that create a pause in your day-to-day and nourish the contentment of your hearts desires; finding the zest for life you once basked in and deep down know you want back.

The Challenge


With the exploration of natural practices, community, and the physical and spiritual connection of yoga, you'll begin to move into acceptance, joy, personal growth, and so much more.

The purpose of this website and everything you'll find here is to bring a high-spirited message of “connecting to your mind by moving into your body!” as a vehicle for self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-confidence; as a way to rejuvenate your life and body and help establish a strong sense of Self – no matter how unforgiving you've been of yourself and past hurts.

The mission: To create a mentally fit and physically strong community that's willing to move through the uncomfortable (not push it away); that loves life and dreams like they once did; that supports one another as we navigate together the struggles of loss, self-acceptance, and self-belief with compassion.


Hi! I'm Daisy.

Lead Yoga Trainer 

500 Hour Yoga AllianceBelieve me when I say that I know what it’s like to wish for The End. To wish for a dream that felt beyond my reach and yet, when offered, felt unworthy of receiving it; of moving and taking steps towards my ambitions while carrying the weight of past hurts, of losses; of suffering through debilitating headaches; of having the desire of being slightly different: less sensitive, less forgiving, less curvy, less kind, more assertive, more successful, more money-hungry.

I created this site and all things included as a way to be of service in helping you "deal". Of loving life again; of understanding your real stressors - not the made up ones; of self-imposed limits that have prevented you from enjoying and thriving in life.

Through a connection with others, mindset shifts, honoring my losses, plus the practice of both the physical and subtle yoga teachings, I've gained an understanding of what helps me "deal". I move my body & mind daily because of how I feel afterward - clear headed and ALIVE!

I'm committed to getting rid of added pressure & inner drama that clouds my head on a daily basis - with yoga, plants, mantra, books, fresh air, and uplifting tunes. It makes me feel stronger physically and mentally!

I know that loving the process is not always the case but I also know what it's like to be on the opposite side of trying and I want to introduce this concept to you. I believe in creating your own form of yoga – it may not look like "yoga" at times but the benefits sure are!

“When there’s a lot happening in life and you can’t make sense of it all, turning to something constant can help with the transitions.” – Daisy

Professional Credentials
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 500hr with training in:
• Yoga Nidra
• Yoga Therapeutics
• Advanced Yoga Psychology
• Yin Yoga Immersion
• Private Clients Immersion
• Hatha Yoga influenced by the teachings of Anusara Yoga
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MNLP)
Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coaching