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These Self-Reflection Journal Pages are for you to gain some clarity on what's going on inside and understand a little more about what's impacting you from the past, present, and where you're aiming for in the future.

Give yourself this time to let it out!

How you speak to yourself has an impact! But, guess what, what you don't say also affects your current state and situation. You have to be willing to do some work before you can gain a little clarity.

And so, having so much mental activity you don't know what
to do with isn't a bad thing - it just means you need to 'get it out'.

Putting things on paper and having something tangible has become a MUST for me. I'm one to absorb what's happening around me, many times without my realizing until I'm exhausted by the end of the day and sad as the blue donkey from Winnie The Pooh for NO APPARENT REASON.

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Get honest with yourself. Take time to go within.

The design of each page is lighthearted in an effort to guide you in allowing yourself to approach each prompt the same way.
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I noticed productivity - what will you gain?

When I first started writing my own pages, I never realized how much my brain holds on to. I'm wired to absorb the energy of those around me and the environment, which makes it challenging to know when my feelings (and thoughts!) are my own.

So, every single day, things get piled on, and as the weeks progress both fact and fiction interchange.

As I began sleeping with a notepad next to my bed and waking up every morning to brain dump, my days got more productive!

What will you notice after putting in this time for YOU? Can't wait to hear!

Much love,

- Daisy

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