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About Daisy

Daisy Jeys ManifestoThere was a point in life when you would wake up in the morning curious and playful. Excited to see friends, get together, and follow the sound of an ice-cream truck (or the bell of a minuta cart walking past your house if you grew up in a Latin Community like I did!) without worry of judgment.

But something happened as you got older, heaviness started to sink in, your body began to tighten and your highly sensitive nature became a burden you hoped to shatter - all while absorbing the stories around you without an outlet to release.

My philosophy is simple: connect to your mind & mental state by moving into your body!

Part of you became lost, either by seeing a loved one pass away or giving into self-doubt, both of which shattered your ability to embrace YOU and the present moment. Finding it “easier” to pack a schedule with ‘things to do’ rather than “deal” with your needs and what’s in front of you.

Overwhelm, depression and anxiety grew into yearning for a dream but accepting limitations on your personal well-being. This has taken a toll on your personal beliefs and what you’re fully capable of - yet you still have that dream and hope to someday fulfill it.

My belief is that the moment you start to feel good about yourself, in your body; in being connected with your emotions and experiences, you miraculously begin to do amazing things for yourself, your dreams, and the environment that matters most to you. THIS is the purpose of why I'm here!

>>>> Read about my story and how this all started.

The Challenge

With the exploration of natural practices, community, and the physical and spiritual connection of yoga + natural foods, you'll begin to move into acceptance, joy, personal growth, and so much more.

The purpose of why I show up is to bring a high-spirited message of “connecting to your mind by moving into your body!” as a vehicle for self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-confidence; as a way to rejuvenate your life and body and help establish a strong sense of Self – no matter how unforgiving you've been of yourself and past hurts.

The Mission

To create a mentally fit and physically strong community that's willing to move through the uncomfortable (not push it away); that loves their highly sensitive nature, life and dreams like they once did; that supports one another as we navigate together the struggles of loss, self-acceptance, and self-belief with compassion.