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Private Wellness Coaching

Save $132 when we work together for 3 months - I highly encourage a minimum of 3 months for best results (monthly payments available)

You've heard it once (or way too many times!) before, the on-the-go mindset may not necessarily be the most sustainable in the long run.

There needs to be nutrition in place, movement in place, mindset in place, and a whole lot of other pieces to this wellness puzzle but, guess what? These pieces are only suggestions, your well-being is completely unique. But it can get complicated!

My approach focuses on creating a simple & healthy lifestyle that's sustainable, flexible, and rewarding for you.

What's included in your plan?

• 1.5 hr consultation on our first meeting
• weekly email check-ins
• two monthly check-in calls
• weekly movement video calls
• unlimited email (or social media) support between check-in calls
• simple (yet informative) handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
• my commitment & support for you to make the dietary + lifestyle changes you want
• gifts that will help you throughout your wellness journey
• BONUS: 35% off a Personalized Yoga Plan designed just for you

If you're interested in working together, I invite you to schedule a 45 minute consultation with me.