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What’s on My Playlist

What’s on My Playlist

This month is all about processing the joys and blues that December brings.

A mixture of emotions fill the air for me so I like to balance it out.

The Depression

Many years ago, when I was in my twenties, I went through a depressive stage.

And though, as an empath, I tend to veer in that direction anyway, I made a conscious decision to let myself feel but not get dragged into it now.

My first approach was with music – and I continue that choice today.

Whenever I noticed myself going down that rabbit hole, I changed my music.

And it helped. A LOT!

Still Feel

I prefer to feel than to push these “blue” feelings aside.

But now, I keep a sense of being “ok” and not that the whole world is collapsing around me (or ON me!).

Feeling and acknowledging every emotion is important in my opinion.

They’re there for a reason – unresolved feelings, to allow you to humanize your environment, bring you a different perspective than what you’ve experienced in the past, remembering, or lots of smiles maybe!

My Playlist

This is what I’m listening to this month and a few of the songs I incorporate in my yoga classes.

Let me know what you’re listening to!

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