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No Motivation to Move Your Body? Wake Up Your Feet!

No Motivation to Move Your Body? Wake Up Your Feet!

There are days when you just don't care to move your body more than the day needs you to - walking out the door and climbing a few stairs is just about it!

And though it's perfectly fine, I'm not here to put guilt on you, when the lack of motivation extends beyond a day or so, you may want to look at ways to get that groove back.

For no other reason than your personal well-being!

No Motivation to Move Your Body? Start from the Ground Up.

Thinking big can get overwhelming, especially when you’re exhausted by the thought of moving your body at the end of the day.

You're tired. I get it.

But if what you're aiming for is a little more vitality in your step, how about thinking in bite-sized pieces?

Just move your feet!

5 Simple Exercises for Your Feet

Here are 5 exercises you can do (and believe me, once your feet start feeling GOOD, the rest of your body may just decide to join in!) to warm yourself up - especially if you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis:

• Four Corners of the feet - this is a foundation in yoga, the placement of your feet. You may be familiar with it but if not, I'll go into it in a little more detail.

Place your feet so they are inner-hip-width distance apart. Spread your toes evenly and gently rock from side-to-side. Notice the muscles of your feet working.

As you press your feet down, notice the 4 corners of your feet on the floor (or mat!). The big toe mound, pinky toe mound and the corners of your heels. This helps with strengthening the arch of your feet.

• Kneeling Toe Squat - not only does this activate and get in touch with a few organs in your body (the spleen, kidney, and liver) but it also helps to open up the toes and strengthen your ankles.

Sit on your heels with your toes tucked in, trying to stay on the balls of the feet. Have a block nearby to sit on if it becomes too much. Don't push yourself to stay in pain - back off if that's the case.

• Arch Muscle Contraction - working on the arches of your feet. Press your toes and heels down, as if drawing them toward each other. Slowly notice the lifting of the arches.

• Toe Slide - this one is great for the bunions, though it's great for the arches as well. Keep your feet pressed down, spread your toes, slowly begin to slide your big toes toward each other and back again.

• Roll on ball - after the above exercises your feet have done some hard work! Give them a little TLC.

Grab a tennis ball, golf ball, or myofascial release ball (the smaller the ball, the more pressure you'll notice so maybe start with the tennis ball). Place the ball under your big toe and slowly roll down toward your heel. From there, roll it up toward your second toe then down to your heel, continue like this until you reach your pinkies and then roll back toward your big toe.

Our feet become cramped and tense from wearing restrictive shoes, walking on hard surfaces, and for so many different reasons. Regular ball rolling releases tension in the muscles and fascia.

Once your feet start to wake up (and feel energized!), your body may be much more interested in joining the party. Choose one, two, or all to practice. See if you feel a little more motivated to move the rest of your body ;)

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