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Top 6 Good Mood Busters

Top 6 Good Mood Busters

You wake up happy, excited for your day and somewhere between breakfast and lunch, your happy spirit has vanished.

Ever wonder why?

I have. Many times. And I’ve come to the conclusion of these top 6 good mood busters.

1. Social Media

The very thing that probably brought you here can be a culprit in busting your happy mood. The one main reason of its existence is to share, you see the lives of others yet focus on those pictures and status updates that can get us to be either jealous of what they have and we don’t or…nope, that’s pretty much it.

Even if your friend or this new profile you’re following does share real-life moments of the ups and downs in their life, it’s in our nature to compare.

Before going on any social media site – specially in the morning, make a mental note of at least 5 things you’re grateful and happy for…in YOUR own life. This simple exercise will set the stage for what’s to come and keep you in the right mood – while you look at pictures of Debbie enjoying her African Safari.

2. Your List

You know which one I mean. The list that gets done in your head before you even get up: feed the cat, take a shower, get dressed, feed yourself, meditate (good for you!), take out the trash, respond to Ellie’s email, call so-and-so, remember to order new banners, don’t forget to remind…and the list goes on. And can you believe this list gets compiled in less than 2 minutes. So it makes me wonder, if you’ve been thinking about what you need to do today since yesterday night?

That right there causes a feeling of lack, lack of time. And a sense of panic you may not be able to get to it all in time. If you started your day with a bounce in your step, by the end of it, you’ll be dragging your feet.

Write, not mentally but physically, a note of the top 3 things that need to get done today. Three. Not 30. The daily tasks don’t necessarily need to make it on your list, it’s already a part of your routine. Maybe wake up 10 minutes earlier for any incidentals and if you need a reminder to feed the cat, leave it to your trusty cell phone by setting a reminder at a certain time in the morning. With the extra 10 minutes, you’ll be covered.

3. Passive Aggressiveness

Your own. You’re having a good day when your coworker, not a superior, comes stomping her feet and demanding a document and telling you that if she’s asking where it is on email, it’s because she wants you to drop your workload, get up off your chair and walk over to her office to hand it to her. You’ve just been made to feel incompetent, in front of everyone, for not having read her mind that she wanted it handed to her in the first place. Plus, you have other work to do.

Though it may feel good to snap at your co-worker right about now, that split second that feels so good doesn’t make up for the length of time you anticipate their reaction or next encounter. You begin to play the many different scenarios that may or may not happen and while doing so, your heart begins to race and you start to panic a little bit because you want to be prepared to respond to the idea in your head but, what you’re really doing, is only psyching yourself out.

“Being in control of everybody else’s actions is a heck of a lot to put on someone, why take it on yourself?” – dh

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Stay true to who you are and act accordingly the moment it happens – if you can find appropriate words. If not, carve yourself sometime (ideally after you’ve cooled off) and approach them. Whether they’re receptive or not, you’ve stood up for yourself and can let go. Holding on to “I should’ve said this…” or “I should’ve done that…” is not the best use of your time or brain power. Plus, in the end, their day may be a hell of a lot worse than yours and they should be reading this post themselves!

4. Control

You have to run some errands and in your second stop a lady cuts into your parking spot – bye-bye happy spirits. You’re infuriated, your blood pressure rises, your heart beats faster, you’re about to lose it. What for? To get a few words out?

The only person suffering is you. Yes, it was a crappy thing for that lady to do but you value yourself and your peace much more than to act on an impulse that won’t bring in any good.

Being in control of everybody else’s actions is a heck of a lot to put on someone, why take it on yourself? You’ve got enough on your plate making your goals and dreams a reality. Let others do their thing. Rules are rules but don’t accept the responsibility of everybody else.

5. Money

When your bank account is in the yellow or worse, the red, the pressures of a bill statements and the downward spiral of wondering if you’ll have enough to make any payment can take you from happy go lucky to moody stressed out within minutes. Financial uncertainty is possibly the most obvious good mood buster.

If you’re there now, look to see where you can cut back – it’s worth the effort. That morning coffee everyday, great treat and I’m sure it makes you feel good to be able to do it but how worth it is it to then be worried about everything else? Instead of it being a daily thing, why not twice a week instead.

If you’re not there yet but are worried about a new round of layoffs, losing a client next month, just got a newer car and the payments are a little higher see if you can prepare for it. Do what you can to increase your financial stability. Create a budget – a new one. Review it regularly so that things don’t come to you by surprise and you’re aware of your cash flow.

Savings! I know it’s difficult at times and no matter how good your intentions are to save, it can’t be done every month. But do what you can. Hey, there are people doing it and if one person can, we all can. It’s about priorities. Save 10% and don’t even look at that 10%. It goes directly into your savings.

This one is tough, money in general. Most of us put so much value on it that, to some, because their whole world. It’s not like that. It’s a vehicle but not the whole thing.

6. Food

That’s right, what you eat affects your mood. But also, what you obsess about eating.

You know that caffeine can make stress worse, if you’re already on edge and you have a cup of coffee, not only can you get jittery hands but your whole system goes into overdrive. It’s already coping with your stress and now it’s having to cope with a substance while dealing with your stress. That’s a lot to deal with.

Caffeine from tea and chocolate can do the same thing. They all can cause problems in your mood and make you that much more irritable. High fat foods will create a sense of lethargy and make you less focused, sleepy, and tired. Causing, yet again, an irritable mood. No more happy.

But what you obsess about can cause the same reactions. If all you eat are low-carb foods, you may experience higher episodes of sadness and stress. Obsessing over healthy food or working out is not that much different. It’s the obsession that will cause your mood swings. Add more fresh fruits and veggies, good protein, lots of water, get your workout in. All good stuff but if you miss one day, give yourself a break. Go with the flow of your day and you will keep that good feeling with you much longer.

Good mood busters are everywhere. Let’s hear what you’ve noticed to be one that gets you every time.

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