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Take Control Over Your Experiences

Take Control Over Your Experiences

How much power do you have over your experiences?

Isn’t that the million dollar question?

When something happens, something less on the positive side and more on the ‘I could do without’ side of the spectrum, the tendency is to curse life and all that surrounds it.

Self-talk sounds something like: ‘why does this keep happening to me?’ or hashtag FML. Know what I mean?

But, if you took a step back and assess the reasons why ‘this keeps happening’ you may be able to notice a certain pattern that may be the cause of the repeating outcome.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

When you find yourself in the same situation, it no longer becomes something that’s ‘happened to you’. It is now, something YOU keep  repeating.

Find the source and get your hands dirty. #breakingpatterns (Tweet!)

Stuck in a Whirwind

I kept finding myself stuck in a whirlwind of ideas. Unable to take control. I wanted to do SO much with my life, from studying to become a professional clown (my first career choice when I was only 7) to considering going into vet school and even law.

I thought about creating my own line of t-shirts, to designing WordPress templates. From working specifically with the pet industry on marketing and design projects to working only with women in pretty much anything.

I jumped from one thing to the next. Anything that came to mind was a thought I considered “a sign” so I went for it.

But I kept finding myself broke and with no direction.

Cursing my life and all that’s happened in it.

If there’s ever been a time in your life where you thought of everything that’s gone “wrong” in it, this was that moment.

One Moment to Change It All

Finally, it came to me. What do all those things have in common and why am I always in this position? Me and doubt!

That’s the thing that’s been piggy backing throughout the years.

So years later, time stops for a split second and you notice that certain things have stayed the same and areas of your life have kept on repeating themselves.

That relationship you can’t wait to start isn’t showing up for you, not because “nobody is out there for you” but because there’s doubt in whether you really want to get out of your comfort bubble of being single.

That bank account of yours is struggling, not because there’s a lack of money but because there’s a level of doubt of whether you can actually cut down on a few things – including rent – to get yourself out of the hole.

That constant fighting with your partner, parents, or colleagues, can be because of the lack of listening from both of you. The doubt of whether any communication can now take place without a debate.

The preconceived notion of uncertainty is blown out of proportion and your mentality has already made it’s decision on how things are going play out – even before it actually happens.

The experiences you get to live are based on how you react to them.

At the end of the day, you have complete control over how you perceive an experience.

Take heavy traffic, for one person it can be the most stressful experience in their day. They “hate” it! “Why doesn’t everyone just take the bus and leave the driving to me?”. For the person in the next car, it could be quiet time from the demands of their world.

Which shoes would you rather be in? Set your mind up for a winning day!


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