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Social Creatures Living in a Lonely Society

Social Creatures Living in a Lonely Society

There are times when all you want is to gather a group of friends and talk. That’s it. Nothing too planned or arranged. Simply a call (or text) to meet somewhere and talk.

No fear of being judged.

Of keeping face.

Of appearing to be one way when, in reality, you feel the complete opposite.

A sit down convo with friends over drinks – of the stronger or lighter kind.

It’s something we ALL experience in one way or another (even guys!).

But many of us have gotten caught up with “future planning” like work and our careers…life, that our relationships have taken a hit. A very long hit.

You find yourself without a group of friends you can truly trust.

You feel alone.

And please don’t say that because you’ve moved so many times, your relationships have gotten lost. There are connections that remain even with countries in between.

I’ve been there, searching for my Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha – I think I may have found my Mr. Big though…but I digress.

We’re innately social creatures. Loneliness can consume us.

If exposed to too much “alone time”, we begin to judge and doubt ourselves. Self-sacrificing thoughts start to take over. We feel lonely and alone.

But there’s a good thing…it’s fixable! With effort.

That’s right, with effort.

Just like anything worthwhile, it requires effort to find and maintain these connections.

Get Outside of Yourself

You need to step away from your cozy comfort zone to meet new people.

Keep social gatherings on your schedule – they tend to be the first to take the boot when something else comes up. Do small talk (at first). Maybe even organize something yourself to gather other cozy comfort zoners together.

There are people out there that have many things in common with you and who would love to meet someone with their same interests.

That’s why websites like Meetup are so successful. They’ve cracked the code on our social needs and the need to feel a part of something.

So, why are you hiding??

Most likely it comes down to two things:
• being busy or
• being uncomfortable

Two things that can be adjusted if you really want them to be.

I find it interesting how we all, myself included, bury our heads into our work and future but never once glance up. We plan for the future but completely forget that the present creates that future. Without solid relationships, the future becomes a little harder to create.

Meet new people! We’re all in this world together.

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