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Realize This and You're Golden

Realize This and You're Golden

Here's the thing that no one tells you as you make your way into the world of building your successful, calm, abundant life.

You start off with so much excitement; an eagerness of making your mark.

Your dreams are crystal clear. There's no doubt about where you're headed.

You're pretty sure you've got "people". They've got your back, right?

But it all comes crumbling down because of this one expectation:

Your heart will lead the way.

The thing that no one tells us is...You. Stand. Alone.

I mean, you hear it as a child - or at least I did. But it never really sinks in until a few times you find yourself questioning your personal "likeness", your popularity if you will.

You begin doubting yourself, your intentions, and even your personality.

How is it that this other person gets so much response from a silly comment or a post on social media yet I barely get crickets with anything I share??

This post isn't about social media but it does paint a good example.

Your heart and your intentions are the forefronts of what you do but (and this is a big BUT) it's your own actions that make things happen.

The truth is, many times, you lead with your heart but get heartbroken.

Here's the thing: the expectations are too high. You expect that by being true to your heart, things will line up. People will want to support you.

The thing you don't realize is that those around you may get uncomfortable with you stepping forward. Your actions are out of their comfort zone.

It's not a matter of you being liked at all.

To them, it's simply a representation of their personal comfort level.

Read that again: 

To them, it's simply a representation of their personal comfort level.

What they should be doing for themselves but haven't.

How they should have thought about doing that first.

Or the simple gesture of "what's in it for me?".

That's the nail and that's the head!

There. Now you're golden!

As human beings, we innately want to make a contribution to the world. Think of Apple, for example, yes they want the sales but the thought they put into making each product is of quality to then give their consumers detailed and creative artifacts (for a lack of a better word).

You. Stand. Alone.

Stop hoping for the support. The shares. The pat on the back.

Keep going with leading from the heart.

This is your journey; your life.

Everyone's got one - and we all have our own lessons to learn.

Once you realize and accept that your actions toward the life you wish to live are yours and yours alone, any support that comes your way is a little icing!

You've got SO much to look forward to but stewing in the overanalyzing of the 'why are things not as easy?' is not one of them.

Get out there. Build your life!


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