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Reality *can* Bite Big Time

Reality *can* Bite Big Time

Positivity is a wonderful thing.

It can get you from feeling down to much more uplifted.

But there's a bit of an art to it. Though anyone can do it, many fall into what I call "the veil of positivity".

Simply spinning things off into a lighter light as a way to ignore the reality in front of you won't create the long-term effects you're truly seeking.

See, I'm a positive person. Always have been.

I tend to look for (and find) a positive spin on pretty much anything thrown my way - even in moments when I don't even want to consider anything other than the gloom and doom in front of me.

Even then, I somehow get a nudge of positivity. Now, whether I take it or not, that's a whole different story I'm happy to go into at a later date.

When Reality Hits

Reality is all around us. It's the realness of what we experience the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the moment we close them for the night.

The 'in between' is our interaction; the things we do as we're immersed in it all.

And, this reality, can all be harsh sometimes. It can all seem as if we have a target on our back.

reality quote

A Short Story

Lets say you're working for a company you believed in, one you find myself truly invested in, pouring all your creative energy for them to succeed, seeing their vision become a reality, seeing them grow with your efforts and long hours. 

Giving it your all, spinning the reality in their lack of management and the big no-no's you see throughout the company into a positive view of it all turning around when the time is right.

Only to be laid off in the end?! Your positivity takes a back seat.

You're just not prepared to look at the bright side, the "it happened for a reason" idea, the "there's something better for you out there" process. 

Nuh uh. You just wanted to see it as it was. A blow!

Positivity has slapped you right across the face. You'd spun all the wrongs into positive rights.

But the reality was that all the wrongs experienced were a way to push you into standing up for yourself and your personal values.

That didn't happen. You were ready to continue in that same situation for however long.

The reality is you had a job and now, you didn't.


No positives or negatives. Simply, reality.

The Lesson

Trying to fit your desired, welcoming emotions into the realness you were experiencing, turned you away from the potential lesson you needed to learn much earlier.

Without standing up for yourself, you were giving up so much of your internal peace for the well being of the company.

Getting laid off was a way for reality to snap you back into the factual of the world.

Positivity is undeniably important for a sense of peace and to bring forward a lighter way of living. But, please be careful of painting everything with pink colored glasses. Because the moment you get into that, it really all becomes a matter of "excuses".

Open your eyes to see things as they are, not as projections of your own emotions.

When you're angry, nothings looks right. Everything pisses you off.

When you're sad, it all seems gloomy.

When you're happy, hey, you can easily brush anything off.

But do any of these examples truly paint the picture of your surroundings?

Let yourself feel, deeply. But learn to take a step back; a birds-eye view of the reality you find yourself in.

It's in this moment that you're best able to take in the different vantage points and consider your next steps for a more truthful positive light.

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