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Living Through Feelings & Fear

Living Through Feelings & Fear

How many times have you "blocked" or pushed a feeling to the side out of fear of getting hurt? 

Or out of fear of your own potential actions?

Two very different reasons for not wanting to feel and live in feelings but both unbelievably important.

The first can usually be traced to a moment when you got hurt and the pain was just so unbearable that you'd rather not open yourself up to the possibility of it happening again. Feeling deep has become something of the past!

The second, out of lack of confidence in yourself and your decision-making. Doubting your every emotion and whether you should or should not be giving into it. Wondering where they're coming from and if they're complete fabrications of your own mind.

All of which can drive anyone to the edge of overthinking!

Getting hurt sucks! Hands down. But when you begin to allow this fear of getting hurt or feeling too much to take over your core desires, things you want to be a part of your life, you begin to feel stuck in a certain area.

The doubts you start to create for yourself take over, but they can either be short lived or continue on for many years - in which case ,they will create even more stagnation in that particular area.

Moving through the years of built up stagnation and rock-solid fear is an undertaking you first need to commit to in moving yourself through it.

It's the moment when you put on your runners, grab your water bottle, keys, and yoga mat, and walk into that studio when you least want to but know you need it to feel at ease and create space for any decision you're working through but feel stuck in.

Exactly like that is the choice to start to feel! Experience feelings for all that they are. Working through them to get unstuck.

One thing that stuck with me and will continue to be a part of me is from a very wise and talented teacher I respect immensely in Vancouver. She mentioned how "Emotion is really Energy in Motion".

By not allowing this energy to move through you and express itself, you avoid living through the whole experience this energy has for you to learn and grow past it.

Feelings aren't a bad thing. They can be painful, yes, but they can also bring you back to the moments that have mattered the most to you.

They can be full of excitement, vibrancy, and complete pleasure.

They can teach you SO much about yourself and pin-point the areas you're most afraid to get into - areas where if you were to tap into them, will unlock so much for you!

Opening up opportunities for your core desires to express themselves into your life!

Living through your feelings - whether you're a little more sensitive to emotions or not - is definitely a courageous act. You're putting yourself out there, turning your skin inside out and letting it be exposed. 

But if you think of at least one moment in your life where doing this actually paid off, being vulnerable, wouldn't you want more moments like that?

Think about it.

Getting hurt is painful, we've all been there - a death, a break-up, whatever it may be. But locking yourself in a box of no emotion will prevent you from fully experiencing all that can unfold for you in this life.

Trusting what you feel and simply exploring the potential of full expression is a step in moving past the pain and doubt.

Put a little trust in what you can't see. Feel and feel deeply.

Go with it!

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