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Keywords to Power Up the Year Ahead

Keywords to Power Up the Year Ahead

I'm pretty sure you've heard about this before. How resolutions create a sense of lack in you and make it close to impossible to fulfill - no matter the amount of time you have to "resolve" them. 

The most popular ones I've heard of are "to lose weight", "to go to the gym 5x a week", "to leave work on time". Any others?

The purpose of creating resolutions is to resolve a "problem" you've identified of having but there's always something missing. It's rarely ever about the problem itself but rather about how that problem is perceived in your eyes. 

Think about it, why would anyone want to "go to the gym 5x a week"? Simply to go? No. There's a root feeling involved. It's usually because they want to FEEL healthier, stronger, leaner, more vibrant, energized, whatever it may be.

But without identifying that feeling they seek, those resolutions fall on deaf ears.

It comes down to a feeling!

When a feeling is what you're aiming for, it becomes an intention. Things become a lot more powerful since it allows you to fully embody what your actions will help bring to your life.

Rather than a task/something you "have to do" simply because you said you'd do it, you're going deep into the root of things. The core of what you'd like to create and the main reasons why.

"To leave work on time" can have a roots in creating a deeper connection with family, nurturing a love for a passion project, dedicating some time in relationships, etc.

What are you seeking to create this year?

Pick a word or a group of words that describe a feeling(s) you're wanting to cultivate this year and stick them EVERYWHERE.

• Happy, Energized, Released

• Vibrant, Organized, Peaceful

• Abundant, Graceful, Strong

• Calm, Purposeful, Adventurous

• Focused, Healthy, Loving

Rather than thinking about a resolution, act on a feeling; an intention of sorts, and write it out.

How an intention defers from a resolution is that it brings you back to your Self; your conscious Self. The part that guides you. That gut feeling.

So, what does THAT mean? It's rather simple. An intention will subconsciously ask you to go through your day being more mindful and aware of your choices. Every choice made can be a decision to cultivate your most desired feeling(s). 

As a way to boost your thought process in identifying those key feelings for yourself, the ones you'd like to cultivate this year, I thought I'd share my three:

• Calm

• Vibrant

• Mental Expansion

Think of them as keywords. The kind you type into Google when searching for something you'd like to dig into. Let them be your guiding principle. Let go of the outcome of how you want the year to unfold but rather the sense of feeling you want to bring forward.

Write them out. Really bring up that feeling(s) you're wanting to cultivate. Feel it in the very moment you're considering a decision. Envision it fully. 

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