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How Much Space Do You Really Need?

How Much Space Do You Really Need?

I’m one to enjoy spending time with others. Small get togethers or just hanging out with a bunch of people.

Having a conversation with friends and even strangers in the elevator.

But I also enjoy, in fact, I NEED, my own space.

Space for me to simply sit and reconnect.

Glorifying Busy

Our lives are way too busy. The busier you are, the more glorified it becomes.

The endless to-do lists and the added responsibilities push our needs to the side.

How many times have you said anything along the lines of:

“If only I had more time for myself.”

“I can barely take lunch.”

“I need more hours in the day.”

“I wish but I just don’t have time.”


Too many times to count?

Are you really benefiting anyone when you neglect the basis of your own well being?

The Athlete Analogy

Taking space/time for yourself is not only a key piece for your own sanity but for the physical body to recover.

Have you ever seen an athlete, no matter their caliber, go full force all day, everyday without resting, re-hydrating, and stretching?

Same applies to you.

Though you may not be an aspiring “athlete”, you DO spend a lot of brain power, energy, and muscle on every day hectic tasks.

Instinctively you know when you’re getting overwhelmed and when you could really use taking some time off but instead choose to ignore it. You can push through, right?

I’d rather be wrong on that. I’d rather take time than to exhaust myself and be MADE to take time off.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this for me. I used to be an all-nighter fanatic – jumping from one project to the next and filling up my evenings with things to do and people to see.

I’ve learned that when I neglect to pay attention to the signs, I’m later “gifted” with the migraine of all migraines that takes me out completely anyway!

How Much Space Is Needed?

Something as simple as winding down before bed can be a huge help.

Since the idea is to pack as much in throughout the day, watching TV until the very last minute is also part of packing in even more. Staying wired right before turning in for the night may not only cause a much less quality sleep, it keeps your brain’s electrical activity high and neurons start to race – which is the opposite of what you really want before bedtime1.

A 10 Minute Walk

I never said space needed to be for a long time. Creating some mental space for clarity and reconnection can be as short as a walk to the store or a coffee break at work – but outside. Ideally without earbuds. Just sift through your thoughts – they’re not that scary as you make them out to be

Another great option is a simple half day on the weekend, either at home when everyone else is out or out window shopping if that’s all you can do.

Simply being in your own company can be quite nice. No need for small talk. Just you and whatever you want to do in those next few hours. Though meeting up with a friend over coffee can definitely count as long as this friend is a support system and sound board.

Time away with no agenda.

I decided to make this one a separate point but it can easily tie into the previous one. Time away can be a bit of a longer trip – for a whole day or weekend. What it’s meant for is to give yourself a bit more quality time, without rushing or looking at your watch/phone. This time is booked in your calendar, your honey knows about it, work is aware, and friends know too.

Focused time away.

With this point, you know what you’ve signed up for. A workshop of something you’ve really wanted to learn…for yourself. There are quiet retreats where you don’t talk for the entire stay. Or, retreats where you can socialize in a supportive environment and with like-minded people.

The more caring you are, the more neglect you give yourself.

Primarily due to the guilt you tend to feel or the feelings of being selfish for even needing this time off.

This “me” time will give you the time to recoup, gather your thoughts, and re-energize. De-stress is the icing on a very delicious cake!

Take the time. It will not only allow you to heal but also to find a level of tranquility in the busy life you lead already.

Yoga Weekend Retreat

I’m currently running a weekend yoga retreat for the Fall that will allow you the space you need to simply be with yourself, no other responsibilities or demands. I will be bringing my all into this retreat for you to come out of this weekend more focused, relaxed, and with a great story to tell. Visit the Retreat page for more information.

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