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Gluten & Dairy Free: Sunday Pancakes

Gluten & Dairy Free: Sunday Pancakes

Gluten and Dairy free have decided to stay en la casa. El novio has a very high sensitivity to both of them and he really doesn’t like the taste of most things GDF (gluten/dairy free) so I’m doing my best to find things that may make it a bit easier for him to embrace his new lifestyle. No es fácil, this one’s a very picky eater!

As a Sunday morning enthusiast (who isn’t?) I love my Sunday brunch with mimosas but today, it’s a bit of a work day for both of us so my mimosa will have to wait until later Instead, I replaced my brunch with a quick whip up of pancakes and a smoothie. Some freshly squeezed jugo de naranja for the teen.

I decided to modify and double up on the recipe from @PeachyPalate to make these buckwheat carob pancakes this morning.

The verdict from el novio: “not great”.

The verdict from the 14 year old: “it’s ok with peanut butter”.

Buckwheat Carob Pancakes

1 whole banana
1 cup (a little less) buckwheat flour
2 tbsp roasted carob powder
1 tbsp baking powder (Clabber Girl ideally)
1 cup almond/coconut milk

Blend all ingredients together. Watch out for the flour sticking to los lados of your blender, scrape that baby out with a spatula.

Pour onto a pan set on medium heat. Flip when you notice the edge of your pancake turn a darker brown.

Repeat for the rest of your mix.

Makes around 9 medium pancakes.

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