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Free Your Belly Pouch - Today and Always

Free Your Belly Pouch - Today and Always

Giving myself the option of actually loving my body - including that mid-section is not just something a message I like to spread but something I like to practice.

But...it's not always easy.

Today's post is a little less 'how-to' and a little more 'personal' - I hope you stay with me.

Through my yoga practice I've come to a place of awareness where it can get a little annoying if you ask me.

It's this place where I'm no longer able to get away with talking crap to myself and taking myself down into a moment of doom without my consent.

I seem to catch myself doing things now. Which can be a little annoying because I can't sulk as often as I used to.

The Reasons Behind This Post

But, to stay on track with the topic of this post, I should introduce the reason I found it important to write in the first place.

My mid-section, more specifically my belly, has freed itself and it's new territory for me.

Let's face it, for the most part most of us look at our belly and think (or verbally say) unkind things to it.

No matter if you consider yourself thin or heavier, we've all had a less than favourable relationship with our belly at some point in our lives.

We look in the mirror and wonder "What happened??" or a simple "Why??".

This takes us into reconsidering what we're about to eat or retrace the meal options we've had this past week. The lack of exercise or the punishing workout we're now determined to do.

I've done that and at times, even catch myself asking these questions.

But the truth is that I no longer care.

I've gone through years of keeping my belly pouch tucked away - it actually became second nature to me.

With or without clothes, with or without company, my belly pouch remained tucked in.

Laughing, fighting, swimming, standing, eating, drinking, it didn't matter the activity, I continued to hold it in.

At least until, what I'd say, probably a few months ago.

Yes, even during my first years in yoga, I kept it all in.

Love Your Body Quote

Something Changed

I've recently watched myself wonder what these rolls meant or why the rounding of my belly just wouldn't go away. 

And it isn't the lack of movement or exercise, it's simply the lack of punishment.

My belly feels safe to show itself!

And I want to continue to let it feel that way.

Which is where I find myself going back and forth sometimes with the constant feed from others and magazines showing what that ideal body looks like.

But now, I'm unable to get away with letting myself sink into this confusion for too long.

If I focus on my core muscles and have a flatter belly one month and a rounder belly another, I'm ok because I know it's naturally like that and not forced.

This is what I wish for every one of you who are reading this.

To love your body is not simply a statement, it's a way of life. It's a message you bring into your body and therefore to those around you. It's a walk accompanied by a talk!

So, free your belly pouch! Let it breathe fully.

Admire the rounding or flattening you've got right now - as it is. Can you commit to freeing your belly pouch?

#FreeYourBellyPouch should simply be trend. The message needs to get out there!


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