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Curate Your Thoughts

Curate Your Thoughts

How much time do you spend on your head, swirling around past encounters, potential opportunities, worst case scenarios in your head?

If you were to start a timer each time this happens I bet you'd gather hours, days, possibly even years - all gone toward thought and it's process.

Can you imagine what you could have accomplished in that time??

Gotten yourself out of an unhappy living situation, taken a risk on love, started your consulting business, given up on putting your body through painful torture, gotten help for your loved one, spoken up and gotten fired leading to the most amazing career you could have ever hoped for...a lot could have been accomplished.

But this isn't a journey to the past kind-of-conversation.

This is a journey to the NOW.

This is about listening to what pops up for you but not letting it take over the moment you're in!

So here's something that's been working well for me and I'm excited to share it with you.

Let's Curate Those Thoughts

1. Pay Attention

I like to think of thoughts like shiny objects. With a little light, they can sparkle bright. But the moment light is no longer shining on them, they can no longer blind you by their brightness.

So, watch them move in. Notice the amount of bags they've packed. Listen to their intentions and pay close attention to your emotions.

2. Rate It

Are they loud and obnoxious? Would you want to give them space to run around throughout your day?? 

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst thing you could ever consider giving a moment to ponder over, how necessary is it to make space in your mind (in this moment)?

Rate the importance AND rate the probabilities and whether it's in or out of your control. 

The very fact you're putting attention to this and evaluating it, helps with diminishing any anxiety you may see brewing.

3. Toss. Take. Donate.

Like in Sex and the City - The Movie (yes, I watched it and rewatched it many times over :), there's a part where Carrie is having to pack up her apartment. The girls gather around to label her wardrobe as "Toss" or "Take".

Well, I've added "Donate".

After the first two steps above, this is when it can get fun!

Is this thought worth taking it on? Giving it real estate to reside in your mind for however long you choose to give it residence?

Maybe it would be best if it gets tossed. Possibly use your time for something a little more productive; something that can have a benefit for you in the long run.

Or, donate it! Is it really your own thought or have you adopted someone else's? Is this your own worry or is it something a loved one should worry about themselves?

Toss. Take. Donate.

I'm honestly finding I'm better able to cope and be there for my personal goals and my family.

I can't say it's always easy - specially when something happens in my environment; in the moment I'm in. Having to work through this process and make a choice in the very moment it's happening is a challenge.

But the more I practice this 3-step process, I'm pretty confident it will become a lot easier. Saving me precious time and mental haziness.

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