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Adapting Your Food Preferences

Adapting Your Food Preferences

What’s your food preference? That’s a question to ask yourself every so often. Is it still serving it’s original purpose?

With so many preferred diets, there are many – if not most – people that stick to their chosen one as loyalty over overall health benefits to their unique needs.

The body changes, and with it, its needs. Adapt to them. (tweet it!)

Your Willingness to Adapt

Having an open mind makes everything flow much more easily and with food it’s no different.

There are a whole whack of eating mentalities and theories that can support your body and way of life but limiting yourself to one can be problematic.

For example, a vegetarian with a strong will to save animals can stay vegetarian for a lifetime. However, down the road their body may actually be in desperate need of some animal derived food or a different version of vegetarian.

Now before you get offended by the above, hear me out.

Staying vegetarian…or anything else, for a reason other than for your health is counterintuitive.

Not providing your body with what it really needs to function optimally can be detrimental and an open door to something worse.

That’s why the word ‘open mind’ is written above. Because it’s important to shift into that mindset…in everything.

Staying Healthy

Your health is the most important thing for you and your work, business, family, cause, whatever. Without it, you and those other things won’t function at their best.

Eating meat is not what I’m suggesting here – unless you find the need to, in which case I’d suggest you buy organic. I’m suggesting you keep an open mind so you can adapt to the needs of your body.

If you’re a meat eater and you’re having some heart problems, consider shifting into a more veggie friendly eating plan.

If you are veggie friendly and are having some digestion issues, consider a more raw based approach.

If you’re having too much inflammation-related problems and are eating ‘super healthy’, consider adding more oily foods.

Just don’t close yourself off to other alternatives to balancing out your body.

Staying faithful to one way of eating without consulting with your body can cause more harm than good.

Because keep in mind that in this day in age, there’s one thing called food and there’s another called nutrition. Sadly these two don’t mean the same thing anymore.

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