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3 Ways to Nurture Your Intuition

3 Ways to Nurture Your Intuition

You know that quiet voice that speaks up when you most need it?

The one that nudges you when you're in danger - even before you notice the danger around?

That's your intuition.

It stands by you every moment of your life. It's that faithful companion that never leaves you even when you put it down or shut it up.

It's your 24/7 security guard. 

It shows up as a feeling, an image, a dream, even as goose bumps sometimes.

Imagine how simple your life and decisions would be if you were only to tap into and listen to this powerful inner guidance system that's already wired within you!

What's stopping you??

I think it's fear, honestly.

My intuition and I are on speaking terms now - finally. And I can tell you that it makes it a lot easier to navigate this thing called life. 

But it wasn't always like this. I'd feel a strong urge to do (or not do) something but would chuck it up to impulse and go ahead with my original action only to be proven a difficult lesson to learn.

Stand up for your intution

What's the difference between intuition and doubt?


Doubt is heavy. It blocks creativity and has you searching for facts that support the doubt. It keeps you from making progress; from taking steps that could be seen as risky when compared to your current state and way of living.


Intuition, on the other hand, encourages creativity. It has a lightness to it, meaning your body won't feel heavy. You'll feel like you're next to a trusting sensation. You'll just know - if you don't sit and try to decipher it, it will guide you quickly.

So, how can you begin to cultivate this connection?

Cultivate Your Intuition

• Create space for yourself, outside: going for a solo walk in nature or even to the corner store can begin to stir up that connection. We tend to not give ourselves enough space to simply be without thought. By going for a short walk and truly being present in that moment, your intuition can begin to feel safe enough to speak up and let it be heard.

Your message may come as an image or as an a-ha moment. Without knowing, it will hit you right in the pit of your stomach - in a good way. You'll know when it happens!

• Take small actions: your intuition wants the best for you, it doesn't have a fear connected to it nor does it have a separate agenda. It's the purest form of self-love in my opinion. 

If you're desperate to leave a situation but have feared the repercussions, let your intuition guide your next steps. Though it may bring up a feeling or a "sign" that it's time to move past this circumstance, rather than simply picking up and leaving without having your next steps laid out, take one small step to getting yourself out. 

For example, if you're having to wanting to leave the job you're in and it's time you do so, start by sourcing out potential interviews for another job - one that's more in line with the career of your choice. The worse thing you could do is simply leave the job you're in for one that still doesn't fulfill the need you're looking to fulfill. Then, work on your resume or portfolio. This way you're still honouring your intuition while having the structure you need to be confident in your actions.

• Be kind to yourself behind closed doors: the way you speak to yourself is a direct burn on your intuition. The aim is to build trust so that you're better able to connect to this internal super power. But if what you say to yourself is less than uplifting and kind, you're already beating down the building blocks you're aiming to set.

Catch your words when dealing with yourself. Even on a bad day, know that your words are powerful and can either build you up or drag you down.

If you're here reading this, I'm guessing you're wanting to establish a positive, high vibration lifestyle where no matter the day, you're working to have more "feel good" moments than not.

So there you have it. Three simple to follow steps to connecting to your intuition.

This is, by far, the most powerful thing I've done for myself. And, though it's an every day work-in-progress and there are moments where emotions run deep, I can tell you it's so worth it.

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