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{E08} Positive Change & Loneliness (with Nika Moeini)

{E08} Positive Change & Loneliness (with Nika Moeini)

Staying positive during (and even after!) tough times doesn't come easy. It's a decision and one you work at on a constant basis.

This is Nika's story. After dealing with feelings of anxiety and low self-worth due to having been sexually assaulted not once, not twice, but THREE times before her 20's, she's made it her mission to turn her experience around and become an inspiration to other young, Generation Z, women.

And I think it's safe to say that no matter the age, anxiety and self-worth can be issues we deal with on an ongoing basis.

From cutting off a bunch of negative, including people, to transforming it all into positive - including loneliness, she's doing some amazing things!

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Things We Talked About

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Nika Moeni on Instagram + Facebook - @thepositivityboss

Website - The Positivity Boss

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