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{E06} Business and Intuition (with Leah Emmott)

{E06} Business and Intuition (with Leah Emmott)

Listen to Founder + CEO of Inner Fire Apparel - an eco-friendly yoga apparel company based in Vancouver, BC - Leah Emmott. As she shares with you her journey into entrepreneurship and how going with her gut helped shape her decisions with her overall well-being.

You'll learn about the mindset she cultivates when faced with "rotten apples" and the way she's gone about building her internationally-recognized business - which started out of creating gifts for friends and family.

In todays episode find out . . .

- How important is remembering what your first entrepreneurial spark was throughout your highs and lows?

- How important is commitment to achieving your goals? 

- How does initiatives of giving back affect your business?

- What tools does Leah use to keep her inner fire?

- What is Leah's morning ritual?

- What is the best way to train your mind into handling every possible outcome of life? 

- How did Leah find the best way step out of her comfort zone?


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