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{E04} Life as a Game and Moving with Curiosity (with Andrina Tisi)

{E04} Life as a Game and Moving with Curiosity (with Andrina Tisi)

In this episode, I'm chatting with Andrina Tisi - founder of Wholelicious, EFT practitioner, yoga teacher, and Holistic Health Coach.

She goes over the story that brought her to radiating health and a sense of purpose. A story that includes grief in three different facets - relationship, career, and family dynamics.

In Todays Episode find out . . .

- What was Andrina's lowest point? 

- How did Andrina put aside her bad situation and go all in on Wholelicious? 

- What does Andrina focus on during meditation? 

- What is the best way to conquer a health problem? 

- What did Andrina experience transitioning between Vancouver and Zurich?

- What are Andrinas current projects? 


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Show Notes for Episode #4

Kundalini Yoga Kirtan Kriya Meditation

Kirtan Kriya Follow Along Meditation Audio

Website: Wholelicious

Connect with Andrina on: Instagram + Facebook


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