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{E30} Rising to the Calling of Your Soul (with Melanie Scott)

{E30} Rising to the Calling of Your Soul (with Melanie Scott)

Ever felt the yearning for something different but can't quite put your finger on it? You may find a little something in THIS episode!

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I'm joined by Melanie Scott, an intuitive coach who's own life led her to really listen to the calling of her Soul - and by calling I mean loud nudges that were far from subtle.

With a simple exercise of clearing out her closet, she put herself in a position where the only way out was through!

In this episode, you'll hear:
• the first signs she noticed she was being led into something different
• what drastic step she felt was necessary to shock her system into action
• why feeling the discomfort and choosing not to correct it may just be the exact thing that's necessary for you to shift
• Saturn Return and other astrology tidbits
• what grounding feels like

There's a lot here. I had a difficult time keeping it under 60 minutes :)

Make sure to show Melanie some love on Instagram @melaniescott1111 - and, while you're there, let me know what your key takeaway was from the episode.

Learn more about Melanie on her website -

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