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{E22} Body Weight, Binging, & Self-Love (with Jennifer)

{E22} Body Weight, Binging, & Self-Love (with Jennifer)

Ever struggled with diets, binging, getting to your "ideal" body weight, and self-sabotage with food? Please listen to today's episode.

Jennifer from Luminous Wellness with Jennifer has been there and, because of having experienced it first-hand, she shares a different (more flexible) approach in working through it.

In this episode, you'll learn:
• about the question to ask yourself to know if the choice you're making is self-sabotaging
• the importance of re-shifting the purpose of your choices
• the body positive movement teaching that Jennifer disagrees with
• PCOS and what's worked for her
• the one thing you can focus on to get yourself to exercise when you're just not feeling motivated

When you finish listening to the episode, be sure to show her some love on Instagram @luminouswellnesswithjennifer and send me a message to share your key take-away.

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Show Notes
Luminous Wellness with Jennifer website
Jennifer on Instagram
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

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