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{E20} Sober for the Long Haul (with Megan Montague)

{E20} Sober for the Long Haul (with Megan Montague)

When making positive changes in your life, do you usually choose the option that's more familiar with less risk or one that could potentially make you unpopular among your support system?

Megan, thankfully, chose the latter without becoming unpopular with her friends and family but the choice of doing it anyway should that have been the case is what drew me to her.

Having a glass of wine or going out for "drinks" is something so widely popular that we don't really think much about it yet it does affect not only our health but our relationships - especially when going about it too often.

Don't get me wrong, I personally enjoy my glass of rosé or a brunch mimosa but Megan knew she had taken it a bit too far.

In this episode, you'll hear:
• how she was considered a party girl and the one comment that made her think twice about her options
• the first improvements she noticed after giving up alcohol
• why she's chosen to document her journey publicly
• what she chooses to do instead of pouring herself a glass of wine after a long day
• how fitness and her time at the gym keeps her momentum going

Show Notes

A Sober Story Website -

Introduction video -

Megan on Instagram - @soberstory

BBC Article on David Attenborough -

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