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{E18} Key Takeaways from Andrina, Lisa, and Lauren

{E18} Key Takeaways from Andrina, Lisa, and Lauren

Revisiting three past guests on the podcast! Sometimes I think it's important to really narrow in on key takeaways - in case listening to them one more time will make it stick.

I'm going back to Episode #1 with Lisa Papez - where she goes into her personal journey with self-love and how her decision to become a better person for her loved ones, led her to her own personal realizations.

Episode #14 features Lauren Roegele - after a dark moment that only grew with pain and major changes in her life, something beautiful happens. Tapping into the thing that we all have at our disposal helped bring her out.

Andrina Tisi (episode #4) shares her mindset throughout major life changes she experienced in the lapse of one full year and why it's important to adopt a mentality that's more supportive to you than victimization.

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