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{E12} Giving Rejection an Excuse to Linger - Solo Episode

{E12} Giving Rejection an Excuse to Linger - Solo Episode

When rejection comes into our space, it burns and it burns deep. The feeling of loss and failure we go through can, very often, be debilitating.

But what's worse than the burn? The punch of realizing you've been wallowing in the same scenario for the past few years!

In this solo episode, I invite you into one particular moment when rejection almost crippled my drive and what I did to put a stop to it. You'll also hear me go into:
• the one thing I believe keeps my fire burning to succeed
• a Paul Walker reference
• how I went about getting into a prestigious art school without ever truly learning how to draw
• how an excuse can mask itself as a reason
• a quick reference point for you to identify when your "reason" is more an excuse than actual reason to do or not do something

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