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Wellness During Isolation

Wellness During Isolation

There's this saying: Community over Competition

It's something I've wanted to live by, bringing together like-minded individuals that share this same mentality. But it's been a struggle until, this virus (COVID-19) came to shuffle life around.

When it hit Canada (where I live right now) and people started to get layed off, I began to notice a level of panic and felt a communal sense of fear.

As a yoga practitioner and someone who incorporates a variety of different modalities with clients and students, I felt a need to bring accessible practices and techniques into people's homes in an effort to find relief even if only for a day. Practices they could repeat themselves and, if called to, connect with the practitioner they may have just learned about.

My intention was two-fold:

1) to bring wellness and a sense of relief to people experiencing anxiety, fear, and worry - of any kind

2) to give practitioners another space for them to share their expertise and businesses - as small businesses and entrepreneurs have also been hit hard with temporarily closures and physical distancing

I called this initiative 14 Days of Mind and Body Movement. The name was a reflection of the fact anyone attending would experience body movement and mindset tools to help navigate the following 2 weeks (and beyond!). "Wellness Journey" was later added.

When reaching out to every wellness practitioner and movement instructor I was met with excitement and loving energy of "Let's Do This!". The love for their practice was obvious and I knew I had contacted the best person to be part of this - especially at such short notice. Did I say how much I wanted to get this rolled out and into people's home as soon as possible?

For these 14 days I hosted 14 entrepreneurs in the wellness industry on Instagram LIVE and moved with them as they taught their fitness expertise and sat with them as we chatted about their wellness modality.

This post is a big fat 'THANK YOU!' for giving to a community you were unfamiliar with - my audience, and doing that without strings attached! For joining me in bringing a little bit of wellness and light into the world during this time.

You guys, if you weren't able to join from March 22nd - April 5th, no worries. I'm listing everyone below. Please check them out on Instagram and support them if you resonate with their offerings.

Week 1
Day 1 - Me :) Thank you for being here!
Day 2 - Gina Schanel - Certified Health and NeuroCoach helping you rewire your brain, body and schedule.
Day 3 - Dan & Elise (Momentum Strength Wellness) - Personal Trainer + Nutritionist duo offering fitness and online coaching.
Day 4 - Carey Avalon - Soul Connection Guide offering writing and connection to body, soul, and nature.
Day 5 - Mestre Recife - Capoeira master with over 35 years and founder of the Group Capoeira Cultura in British Columbia.
Day 6 - Kim Salter (Design Thoughts Studio) - Emotional Freedom Technique coach and Intuitive Guide.
Day 7 - Laarnie - Zumba and Group Fitness Instructor based in British Columbia teaching in a variety of studios.

Week 2
Day 8 - Chelsea LeeCertified Yoga Therapist and Educator & Teacher Trainer based in Squamish, BC.
Day 9 - Silvia Hernandez - Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer offering virtual fitness classes and online videos on Instagram.
Day 10 - Dr. Geneviève Brule - Naturopathic Doctor and Yoga Teacher offering grief support, naturopathic medicine, and yoga & meditation.
Day 11 - Kristia Lui - Pilates Instructor and Wellness for busy entrepreneurs.
Day 12 - Laura - Lifestyles Coach and Essential Oil professional.
Day 13 - Sarah - Creator of Breaking Ballet, and online fitness platform from the UK.
Day 14 - Catherine Andrews - Mindfulness Coach providing resources for self-care, mindfulness, and journaling.
Day 15 - Danielle Pope - Writer, Editor, and Story Coach offering writing and journaling workshops to help you find your voice.

Our last day was an amazing BONUS day which I'm so pleased to have ended this journey with.

Like I mentioned at the start, these amazing business owners and entrepreneurs put their heart on their sleeve to share their practices, check them out. And if you'd like to hear a little about what they offered, let me know, I may be able to rescue a few of these LIVES 🙂

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