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The Words We Share

The Words We Share

Who you encounter in your day-to-day becomes an important part of the life you're meaning to lead.

I'm a firm believer in everyday lessons.

Where only a few seconds of an experience can hit you and make an impact.

Where what creates a spark, can create a domino of action!

A lesson can be subtle but the impact can make waves.

The Story

Today, I met a woman with a very skinny dog.

The first thing I noticed was the dog - as I usually do if you know me.

This dog was skin and bones. I'd even go far enough to say emancipated.

I was taken aback. Is this dog being abused?? What can I do - here and now??

But after hearing her speak to the shop owner where we were in and mention how her poor dog had been diagnosed with cancer, I decided to put my original thoughts to the side and chat with her a little longer.

She was open to a longer conversation and so, I asked how long her dog "Mocha" had been going through cancer.

Turns out, it's been only 2 months but it's been aggressive.

As she picked up her medium height dog and put her in the back of her car - that's how thin she was. I asked if I could pet Mocha.

Sweet Mocha walked over and was placed back on the pavement.

While having this conversation with her, I was petting Mocha the entire time.

The thing that struck me the most was how she shared with me that a man once saw her dog and instructed her to "FEED YOUR DOG!".

His words, I can't see as ill-intentioned but to her, they were received with hurt.

It's not her doing that her dog is thin.

But the realization that another person, a perfect stranger, commented on the reality she's now living became a pain point in her day.

Watch Your Words

The words we share are of impact to others!

Every single one of us is fighting a difficult battle - one that may not be obvious to the naked eye.

This kind-hearted woman began sharing how this may be her last holiday season with her once very active dog and how she's putting on a fundraiser for an animal shelter in the area - Mocha was rescued from a hoarding situation.

She's paying it forward!

Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is a simple reminder that assumptions suck and they're usually untrue.

Make the effort to learn more about a situation/a person before acting on an emotion known to drive upset and anger.

Something may look one way but very often it's only the top layer you're seeing.

I wish this woman peace during her dog's transition and Mocha much love, for she's clearly made an impact in her human's life.


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