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The Basic Green Smoothie

The Basic Green Smoothie

Easing your palate into liking more fruits and vegetables can be tricky.

The palate will not only base it’s decision on the taste but also on the texture and how difficult it is to swallow.

That’s why some people don’t like oysters – locura but it’s true! They can’t get past the slimy-ness.

In this video, I show you the very basic green smoothie you can use as the base for all your future creations.

Once you have the timing of how long to let your blender run for to create the consistency you want, you can begin to add (or substract) ingredients to the recipe.

Turns out I’m a bit of a talker in this one but you can handle it


The Basic Green Smoothie

If you can’t see the video, head on over to YouTube to catch it there.


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