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Skin Lovin’ Smoothie Blend

Skin Lovin’ Smoothie Blend

What do you have that CoverGirl® and Revlon® don’t have? Real natural goodness! Yup, I said it.

Not to point fingers specifically to those two massive companies but seriously, there’s so much crap put into cosmetics that promise a healthy complexion when it’s everything but.

With natural ingredients, you can actually get a pretty nice looking complexion. All by simply giving your body what it needs to provide for you.

In this week’s Smooth…ie Friday, it’s all about loving your skin.

Make use of some easy-to-find ingredients…and seasonal for the Fall, that will help your body showcase some healthy glow.


Skin Lovin’ Smoothie Blend

If you can’t see the video, head on over to YouTube to catch it there.


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