Shut That Gremlin Up, Cheer Yourself On

Shut That Gremlin Up, Cheer Yourself On

Do you know what happens when all you can think about and repeat to yourself is “I can’t do this! I suck!”?

Your confidence level gets bruised and the repeat begins to ring true.

Heck, I bet you felt something just reading those words. I bet there’s an area within you that makes these words feel a bit uncomfortable. Possibly because you actually feel them hit home.

I know what it feels like, I’ve been there more than once in my lifetime. And every single time, it’s pulled me down into the ground – like if I had two 300lb weights, one attached to each arms.

I’ve felt horrible, incompetent, and have wanted to crawl back into bed…


I know it and YOU know it, that this really isn’t you. I mean, there’s a big part of you in there but your true self is the one that uplifts you, the one with the dreams.

That’s the area of you that needs the attention, empower it.

The rowdy one that takes you down is simply looking for attention. Pulling you down so it can lift itself up.

Don’t get me wrong though, I fully understand its motivating factor and why it’s designed to do this. Partly protecting you from looking like a fool in front of others – but if you ask me, with “friends” like that, I’d much rather be alone…and a fool – you learn more, and experience the road less traveled.

Stand up for your dreams, believe in your abilities. You know you’ve got them, simply because things aren’t happening right this second doesn’t mean you’re not well on your way. Trust in what you know, your earned experience, & see what’s transferable into what you’re looking to achieve (click to tweet).

Tell that dream busting cage of a voice to shut it! Sway it, listen to it and ask ‘why?’. Then sit down with a pen and paper – yes, old school – and write all those doubts. All those things that this gremlin is voicing. See it and make notes about what is needed to strengthen your abilities and wipe off some doubts.

Go get ’em! You have it within you to achieve what you’re looking to achieve – all your strength and ability is naturally within you. Work it!

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