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{Recipe} Homemade (Chocolate) Almond Milk

{Recipe} Homemade (Chocolate) Almond Milk

Replacing cow milk, nut milks have become so popular at the grocery store.

Mainly because they’re good for you but also because they’re extremadamente versatile.

And they good news is, that if you don’t want to, you don’t have to spend the near $5 to buy yourself a carton.

You can make it yourself en casa, whenever you feel like it.

Have a bag of almonds laying around and a nut bag to get you started.

Nut bags are expensive, and they’re reusable – have a look on Amazon.


How To Make Almond Milk and Chocolate Almond Milk the Fast Way

If you can’t see the video, head on over to YouTube to catch it there.

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