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Believe In Yourself and How To Do It

Believe In Yourself and How To Do It

When something matters a lot, you find a way to make it happen!

There's always a level of doubt that comes along for the ride but your determination in making a change can be much louder if you let it.

How often have you had all the resources, the support, and the options available to you but somehow managed to talk yourself out of taking action?

You might even be experiencing just that in this very moment - wondering how you got yourself to where you are right now and how on earth will you move yourself further?

There are many things that take over when change is considered:

• self-preservation

• anxiety to change

• fear of the unknown

• worry of your surroundings

• self-doubt, to name a few.

And though it's important to consider these 'mental notes', understand that they can become just that - notes to consider.

When you're looking to better your relationship with yourself and better your circumstances, there's nothing more important than to take action.

But when doubt takes over, you MUST have an action plan to avoid the stagnation it brings.

How to Believe in Yourself

1. Practice Being Uncomfortable

This one is in preparation of the actual action you're wanting to take. So for example, if what you're aiming for is to switch jobs and into the career you've loved and trained to do but didn't get your foot in the door right away, here's your chance to prepare for that leap.

Get uncomfortable with less spending money and save some up for the potential balance hit in your account. Start now by putting away a slightly larger chunk than that 10%.

The belief in yourself will only grow as you practice the "worst case scenario" your mind has managed to make you believe - though it rarely plays out that way.

2. Move Past the Defeating Self-Talk 

"You've never done this before", "you'll make a fool out of yourself", "there's really nothing bad about staying where you are" - notice how these are all statements.

The defeating self-talk takes on an authority voice so it seems powerful, like if you don't obey it you'll be sorry.

There's no question or doubt in it's statements but rather has a no-questions-asked policy.

Here's where you need to lean on your courage to stand up to it - you have it in you.

That one moment you question your self-talk is the moment things start to change.

3. Respect the "I Don't Know"

Know that you don't have to know your every step or know your next decision. Take the action and see where the next 5 feet take you, once there, decide on the next step.

Respect not knowing. Respect the pause.

Don't worry about the looks or the whispers, it takes confidence to be vulnerable in not knowing. The more "I don't knows" you say out loud, the easier they will get when they're needed.

4. Fail Freely

The holy grail of self-belief lies in the failing freely! If you don't know what you're missing, you've got nothing to worry then. And since success on that particular challenge has not yet been achieved, you're in the perfect spot to try again.

Put it all out there. Attempt your success. Try again with the lessons from the one before!

Falling/failing feels like crap, not because of the result itself but because of the realization of the extra effort you have to put into it next time to get one step closer to where you want to be.

Yes, how you appear in the eyes of others may be of big importance in failing but be honest with yourself, should that really matter?

5. Accept Your Hard-Earned Lessons

You've got the scars and the bruises, accept them for what they are. You've got yourself here, haven't you?

Whether someone else lead you to the place you find yourself in or it was you who decided to act accordingly, you've got lessons under your belt.

Tap into your experiences. Your past knowledge. Your bumps and bruises. You've earned them in some way or another. Never take them for granted!

The tools to move you forward are already with you, you may want to polish or earn an extra tool as you take the necessary steps but know that you've already got a pretty well-rounded toolbox to get you by.

Waiting and waiting to gain that self-believe will only take you around in circles, stop the cycle and do what you can right now! Believe me when I say that you already have transferable skills and lessons to move you forward.

6. Gather Your Go-To's

There are days when no matter your efforts of pulling yourself together and working on your personal self-talk, it just doesn't cut it.

Your doubt is strong that day or something happened that felt like a direct jab at you. It's taken a harsh hit on you. 

This is the moment when an external influence may be necessary. An influence you can fully trust will say what you needed to hear to get back on the self-belief pony.

Whether it's a group of people or one single person, have them on your Favorites list on your phone. They become that important. 

When you're mindful and committed to working on your self-belief, you need to be honest with yourself and know that these days may will come up. Be ready to tackle them as needed.

Anything else you'd like to add? Share in the comments.

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