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Homemade Facial Sugar Scrub

Homemade Facial Sugar Scrub

Ever bought a face scrub only to have it give you a rash or worse?

I’m a sucker for the less chemically-infused cocktails and anything that can possibly help the environment. But I’ve found it either very expensive or very misleading when shopping at a store. Microbeads everywhere!

“Microbeads go on to act as ‘sponges for toxic chemical pollutants’ and are mistaken for food by aquatic organisms. This means that the pollutants can enter the food chain and contaminate fish that humans eat, as well as birds, turtles and mammals.” (source: Wired)

With what’s going on with the oceans, I believe it’s important to do our part. Plus, avoiding the added chemicals on our body…may be a very good thing.

I get it though, it’s much easier to just walk into a store, buy something and walk out ready to use. But, believe me, when I say this recipe is super simple and if you have 5 mins while watching tv, you can prepare and use it today.

It contains zero toxic chemicals for the oceans and your skin, plus it smells amazing!

Non-Toxic Facial Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
4 drops essential oil

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and store your scrub in a small mason jar.

This lasts me for at least 2 months. I only use it at night before bed. A small dollop in your hand and scrub away.

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