Cinco de Mayo – Chicken Burrito Bowl

Cinco de Mayo – Chicken Burrito Bowl

It’s Cinco de Mayo and there will be food!!

Whether lo celebras or not, it’s a great opportunity to join in on a Mexican-kitchen delight.

If you’re not sure what Cinco de Mayo is all about and why it’s a big deal in these parts of the world, allow me to explain.

Back in 1862 there was a war. It was between the French forces and Puebla, Mexico’s army. There was an unlikely victory. A celebration indeed!

So, like many celebrations, there will be a lot of food, drink and gathering con amigos and familia.

May not be the healthiest of gatherings but good time are to be had.

So, prep in advance and give this recipe I came across over on FitSugar a try. Super versatile!

My adaptation was to cook without a microwave and no added spices a part from cumin. Nada más.


Cinco de Mayo Chicken Burrito Bowl Recipe

If you can’t see the video, head on over to YouTube to catch it there.


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