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August Power Self Playlist

August Power Self Playlist

I’ve decided to try something new here.

Music has been something I can turn to, no matter the day or mood.

It’s taken me down deep rabbit holes and taken me right out.

I’ll tell you about that later.

The thing is, it’s the one thing that will forever stay part of my toolbox.

For a while I’ve been thinking about adding some songs to this blog and to my various social media profiles.

As a way to share with you the songs that are enhancing my experiences throughout the day, week, month, year…

Why music?

Since music can be a mix of melodies and powerful lyrics, it makes perfect sense that a song (or two) can resonate with what you’re feeling in that moment but lack the words to express it.

Or, at times, it can create the environment for you even before you reach your destination.

It has the power to lift you up and set you up for an incredible day.

Sometimes, it can consciously take you over to make-believe-land.

Personal story: Once I had “Amazing Grace” by The Tenors playing on my laptop headphones while sitting at a hotel lobby during a conference. The hustle of everyone, the clothing, and the expressions of everyone took me to the scene from Titanic when the ship was almost sinking but not quite. You know? The part where the band is playing on the deck while everyone was rushing around them to find a boat?

I don’t know. I thought it was pretty neat.

Makes me happy!

August Playlist

Anyway, this Summer, particularly this month, I’ve been listening to these songs quite a bit.

In the car, at home, on my laptop, and walks with Mozzie.

I hope you enjoy them and find a good moment to really delight in them.

I’ve never really used Spotify before so I hope it works


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